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We provide both discretionary and advisory investment management services based on your desired level of involvement in the day-to-day decisions affecting your portfolio. Our portfolios are designed to offer you diversified exposure to global financial markets in accordance with your individual risk profile.

Discretionary Mandate:  With a discretionary mandate, you delegate responsibility for the management of your portfolio to a team of dedicated experts without the worry and workload of investment decision-making and administration. You work with your personal advisor to develop a customized investment strategy, and we keep you well informed about the status of your portfolio. We strive to build portfolios that provide long term, above-average performance while at the same time keeping risk under control.

Advisory Mandate:  By choosing our advisory mandate, you become part of our investment management team. You have the final say in all decisions relating to your investments, and we work closely with you to tailor the selected strategy to your goals and needs. We carry out no transactions in your portfolio without your prior approval.

Consolidated Reporting:  As an additional service, we offer consolidated reporting – an invaluable service if your assets are spread among multiple banks or jurisdictions. Consolidation provides you with a bird’s eye view of your assets, facilitating investment decisions and risk management.

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