Phileo Group (referred to below as “Phileo Group” or “we”) is happy that you have visited our website. Thank you for your interest in our company and our products and services. Data protection has top priority with us, and with this Privacy Statement we want to inform you how we use your personal data as it relates to your use of our website.

By using the Phileo Group website, you confirm to us that you are of legal age. In addition, you confirm your explicit agreement with this Privacy Statement.

Because we need to adapt this Privacy Statement from time to time, the latest version – indicated by the date at the top of the page – is legally binding.


Purpose of this Privacy Statement

Protecting the privacy of our current, former and future customers has highest priority with us. For this reason, we want to ensure personal data is handled properly. By visiting and using our website, you are entrusting us with your personal data (referred to as “data” below). With this Privacy Statement, we are informing you about what data we collect at our website, for what purposes we collect it, how it is processed and with whom we might share it with, if we deem this necessary. In addition, this Privacy Statement is a way to inform you about security measures we will take, or have already taken, to protect your data.


Scope of this Privacy Statement

Any and all data that we receive thanks to your use of the Phileo Group website falls under the scope of this Privacy Statement. This does not apply to third-party websites, however. This scope no longer applies when you go, via a link at the Phileo Group website, to a third-party website. As we have no control over the content, nor how data protection is handled by any third-party websites, we cannot assume any responsibility for what they do.


What kind of data do we gather?

When you use our website, our webserver automatically registers data we can use. This includes, for example, your IP address, the type of browser you use, the pages you visit including date and time, the content that you retrieve from our website, and the website you were on before you landed at our website. If you send us a Contact form (with registration, interests, sending an email to us, make a general inquiry, among other things), we save things like your last and first names, job title, address, email address, telephone number, gender, age or other content in the message. The same applies to when you answer our request for receiving our newsletter, taking a self-test, product descriptions etc.



We gather data from our website visits:

– In order to meet national and international provisions required by supervisory and confidentiality laws

– In order to analyze and otherwise identify the suitability of our customers and website users for certain products and services

– To learn what the needs of our users are so we can improve the content and technical quality of our products and services, and to do a better job in what we offer them

– To be able to undertake the technical administration, checking and continuous improvement of our website

– To be able to address our customers and those interested in our company with attractive offers through online marketing, email marketing and other channels as part of our marketing and communications activities

– To be able to analyze user-behavior and how users navigate through our Phileo Group website

– For the administration of customers and interested parties.

We will retain your personal data only as long as we feel is necessary under current data-protection laws.


Sharing Usage Data with Third Parties

When we share website usage data with a third party, we do so in accordance with current legal regulations. This is especially true if you, as user, agreed to the provisions in this Privacy Statement – if such agreement is legally required, or if this is required for the enforcement of civil claims stipulated in a contractual agreement, or due to other laws or rights.
To continue to be able to optimize our services and products, it may be that we share usage data as part of a contract with external service providers. These service providers are legally obligated to use this data only as part of their contract and for no other purposes. They are required to uphold and follow the privacy standards of Phileo Group.
Where law requires it, the Phileo Group must allow, or because of a previous-agreed upon obligation is entitled to allow, access to your data upon inquiry thereof by supervisory and judicial authorities, or by other persons or government agencies responsible for these things.


Measures to secure data

Phileo Group uses diverse technical and administrative security measures to protect the personal data – collected and stored through your visit to our website – from unauthorized access to it, from improper use thereof, loss and/or destruction. These measures include a firewall, personal passwords, encryption and authorization technologies. However, we cannot guarantee or deliver 100% protection due to the usual risks involved in the IT segment. Our employees, associates, and third parties under contract with us, are legally obligated to use discretion and to follow all privacy laws and regulations accordingly. We follow the need-to-know principle, and associates and employees and third parties have access to only that personal data they require for their specific work.



Phileo Group uses cookies at several locations as part of its web controlling system. Cookies serve to make our website more user-friendly and efficient. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer. They are stored there by your browser. Cookies contain no personal data. They store information about your preferences when using our website. This information is then sent to our server. When you visit our website again at some point, you can access content faster and use our website more efficiently.
Most internet browsers automatically accept Cookies. However, you can configure your browser to not allow Cookies, or to only accept Cookies from certain websites, or that you are notified prior to when a new Cookie is going to be placed on your hard-drive. If you do not want this, you can deactivate your Accept Cookies function. This can, however, mean that you won’t be able to use all of our website.


Links and web-analysis tools

The Phileo Group website can have hyperlinks to websites of other organizations or third-party websites or persons. These are not operated by us, nor can they be checked or controlled by us. Our Privacy Statement, therefore, does not apply to these third-party websites. We are not responsible or liable in any way for their content, nor for how they handle personal data. We ask you to please read and check the privacy policies of third-party websites. We use web-analysis tools to analyze the data about how our website is used in order to continuously improve what we offer our customers.

An important note about transmitting data over the internet

Data that is transmitted over an open network like the internet cannot be sufficiently protected against unauthorized access by a third party. This mean it can be hacked, disclosed without permission. Such data can have its content and design changed. And technical problems with the transmission are possible as well. Data sent over the internet does not stop at country borders. Even when the sender and the recipient are both in the same country, the data sent between them leaves the country and is routed to another country where it can be accessed, looked at or even stored; if that country’s privacy laws are much less stringent than in the country one lives in.
So when you send us data over the internet, we cannot assume any liability for its security. We recommend that you avoid communicated over open networks when you are sending content that is highly confidential.


Contact address

We would be happy to give you information about the individual-related data we have saved about you. You then have the opportunity to correct data that is incorrect. You can demand that this individual-related data be deleted, if there are no legal or regulatory stipulations – like statuary storage obligations – preventing this, or if deletion represents a reasonable expense for Phileo Group. Any correction or request for data deletion must be submitted with proof of identity. With deletion, it’s possible that certain services or products of Phileo Group might not be rendered, rendered in limited form or otherwise guaranteed.
Please direct your questions about how we handle data to your consultant.


All content of this website is protected intellectual property of Phileo Group. Any further use of the presented content is only allowed by express prior permission in writing from Phileo Group. All rights reserved for this content.

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